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1. Publication of articles (IMPORTANT)

1.1. Document preparation

        (Use templates)
All the articles must be sent in electronic version, using the templates that we have prepared for this purpose (TEMPLATES in each language), filled with the Word word processor (.DOC or .DOCX) or using LaTEX App and sent the PDF as an attachment to an email.

Very important

LAST NAME (all in Capital), First Name (first letter in capital only) and Initial letter for the middle name. Examples:



SMITH, Roger F.

1.2. From the articles (Use templates)

  1. The articles must be originals not published in other journals, except in cases in which the Editorial Board so determines.
  2. The maximum length of each work will be 20 letter-size pages (A4) with 32 lines per page (space and a half) and 62 strokes per line. In this 20 pages should include charts, tables and bibliographic references. Please ever refer to the templates.
  3. A footnote should be included with a brief curricular review of the basic data of him or the authors of the article (University or Institution where he works / studies / researches) and at least one e-mail of the authors.
  4. The articles must include a summary of the same, both in English and in the original language (Spanish, Portuguese ...), with an extension of no more than 80 words.
  5. It is recommended that the graphics and figures are inserted in the text in JPG or GIF format. It is also recommended that Tables and Tables be made in Excel format (XLS or XLSX) and inserted in the word document.
  6. The footnotes should be avoided as much as possible. If they are strictly necessary they must be placed before the bibliographic references, at the end of the article.
  7. The articles will be submitted to review by referees specialized in the subject.
  8. The submission of a manuscript by the author and its acceptance by the Editor on behalf of the Editorial Board represents an authorization for the publication of his article in the Revista Espacios Journal.
  9. The opinions and comments issued in each article are the sole responsibility of the author or authors.

1.3. From the bibliographical references

The citation and bibliographic reference based on APA standards will be used (PDF)

It is recommended to use the method of inserting references of the Microsoft Word® application using the APA standard. See: (In spanish)

1.4. How to cite articles from Espacio Matemático journal

For the citation over revista Espacios it is recommended to use the following:

Author, A.A.; Author, B.B. & Author, C.C. (Year). Name of the article. Espacio Matemático. Volume (Number), page. Retrieved from:


2. Times for Acceptance Response /Request for Changes / Rejection

2.1. Send PDF file from Word® o LaTEX

It's mandatory that the PDF have to be attached to the email sent to in the same email.

2.2. Article reception letter

A reception letter will be sent for each article received in our account where a code will be assigned that will serve as a reference in the authors-editor communications. This reception letter will be issued between 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of the item.

The date of receipt will be considered the date of entry to our e-mail box.

2.3. Acceptance Response, Request for Changes or Rejection

The response of acceptance of the article or request for changes or Rejection will be made no later than 45 days after receipt of the article.

2.4. In case of rejection of the article

In the event that the article is rejected by the Review Committee, you will be notified via email from

3. Authorization for publication of the article in

The submission of a manuscript by the author and its acceptance by the Editor on behalf of the Editorial Board represents an authorization for the publication of his article in the Magazine Espacio Matemático.

The approval, request for corrections or improvements or rejection are the sole responsibility of the Editor Committee and the Editor as principal of this attribution.

All articles will comply with the Creative Commons standards to which the magazine is subscribed under the following terms:

Attribution - All users must properly credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes have been made. They may do so in any reasonable way, but not in a way that suggests that you or their use have the licensor's support.

NoComercial - Users can under no circumstances use the material for commercial purposes.

No Derivatives - If any user remixes, transforms or creates from the material published in, they will not be able to distribute the modified material.

Espacio Matemático Journal is dedicated to the promotion, development and information on the Mathematical Olympiads at Latin American level with some initial objectives: to provide useful material for the teaching practice and self-training of the teaching staff, to contribute to the construction of a specific field of mathematics teaching , create networks for the exchange of ideas, initiatives and experiences among teachers, favor the renewal of the pedagogical discourse, seek an intellectual and practical influence that allows the development of innovative educational ideas to be transferred to the participation and success in this type of competences and to their practice in the school environment and give a place for the discussion of the didactic experiences of peers.

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